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Our team of local and International advisors work with respective local partners and clients to equip communities, businesses and organisations with the tools, knowledge and connections they need to increase their incomes and gain access to basic services empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and guide their own development. Genoa Trade and Investment has implemented the Rural Solar Market Development Project contributing to the success of most of its private sector partners’ rural distribution capacities. The project has also helped partners to offer innovative next-generation solutions for efficient use of solar energy today and in the future. Providing sustainable energy efficiency services such as load management, process optimisation, renewable energy replacement technologies training and energy management systems.
All electrical work should be performed by a qualified electrician to guarantee the installation and/or repairs.

The principles are as follows:

  • Introduction to renewable energy in South Africa
  • Electricity basics
  • Solar energy principles and applications
  • Photovoltaic technology and application
  • System sizing
  • Safety precautions, basic maintenance and trouble shooting

An Introduction to Renewable Energy in South Africa

  • Introduction
  • Energy Challenges in South Africa
  • Status of Renewable Energy in South Africa
  • Solar Energy in South Africa
  • Exercises and Practical exercises
  • Learning Outcomes

Solar Energy - The Basic Physics

  • A Brief Introduction to Electricity
  • The Solar Resource
  • Solar Energy Conversion
  • Exercises and Practical
  • Learning Outcomes



Photovoltaic Systems

  • From Micro PV to Utility Scale
  • PV System Components
  • Solar Lanterns
  • Solar Home Systems
  • Exercises and Practical
  • Learning Outcomes

Solar Home System Sizing

  • Introduction to system sizing
  • A Sample Design Situation
  • Steps in System Sizing Process
  • Load Assessment
    • PV Module Sizing
    • Battery Sizing
    • Charge Controller Sizing
    • Inverter Sizing
    • Wire Sizing

Sunshine Hours Method

  • Unit 4 Exercises and Practical

PV System Installation

  • Site Assessment
  • Preparation for installation
  • PV Array Installation
  • Connection of the Charge Controller
  • Battery Installation
  • Exercises and Practical



Solar Water Pumping

  • Introduction to Basic Solar Water Pumping
  • Applications of Solar Water Pumping
  • Main Components of the Solar Water
  • Pumping System
  • Sizing & Designing a Solar Water
  • Pumping System
  • Installation
  • Unit 6 Exercises and Practical

Safety Precautions, Basic Maintenance & Trouble Shooting of PV Systems

  • Site Risk and Hazard Assessment
  • Safety Precautions
  • Maintenance of System Components
  • Exercises & Troubleshooting Guidance
  • By completing this unit, trainees will have basic understanding of:
  • The risks associated with PV system installation, operate and maintenance


Safety Management

  • Clothes: Wear proper clothes for on-site work and ambient environment (Long-sleeved clothes, Hat, Shoes etc.)
  • Safety Equipment: Prepare safety equipment (Gloves, Protective glasses, Safety helmet, appropriate ladder, insulated tools, Proper measuring equipment etc.)
  • Work Plan: Check specification and diagram of PV system. Make work plan which reflect results of the risk assessment and inform the workers about work plan in advance.
  • Work at Site: Confirm risks and safety measures before starting work. Conduct work complying with work plan.

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